Venus in Aries



Venus enters β™ˆ Aries β™ˆ on February 3rd, right on the heels of β™‚ Mars β™‚.

Do you have Venus in Aries?

This is your time to feel the vital energy coursing through your veins!

This is a very powerful Venus placement that loves to play and is very childlike in exploring life. She revels in the experiences of this world to such a degree that is infectious to be around.

Venus in Aries is passionate and loves to be stimulated. She is fiercely independent but prefers a trail mate to romp with.

The Family unit is very important too and this Aries Venus is very protective but always enjoys a good frolic with them, off on some sort of playful project. This Venus placement is a very fun parent but with good boundaries.


😈 This is also the warrior Goddess that will bite off your head if need be. 😈

Mostly, Aries Venus just wants to experience life on the go, have open honest and direct communication and you will always know where you stand with this strong Goddess.

In fact, sometimes things just pop out of their mouths before they have time to censor them, which can be offending, but it is always their truth. The key to keeping Aries Venus happy is meaningful projects, and an extra bonus if they protect the small. Adventurous and self-sufficient, she will really have to be over a barrel to ask for help.

This Venus prefers a strong mate that can keep up with her and isn’t intimidated with her strength and sure footedness.