What’s up with energy today?

Have you every just felt the energy was off?

Ever woken up feeling antsy or elated?

Ever been sure that something was afoot in the world but just could not put your finger on it?

Well, chances are, you are experiencing the movement of a power day and/or cusp energy. What are these things?

I am glad you asked!

Power Days and the Lunar Cycle

A power day is a particular day in the 28/29 day Lunar cycle where the energy is surging and it is either a good day to do something or we just need to sit tight hang on until the energy abates.

On these days, the power that we use to harness normal energy is impacted. In other words, we either feel elated, emboldened and ready to rule the world or…

Not so much (give us a couch, a cookie, and back away).

Though these days are fairly predictable in the Lunar cycle, they do not always conform to the standard calendar so they can sneak up on us. 

Cusp Days and the Lunar Cycle

Another energy signature in the month is the cusp day: the day when the Moon is transitioning from one Astrological House to another.

Every felt like a ping-pong ball that just can’t find the right hole to drop into? You might be feeling the Moon moving between (transiting) two houses.

Though this is not a post about astrology, it is a important to note that when the energy signatures are in the transition, knowing which houses are involved can help explain a lot!

Cusp days are always powerful days in the month and they are always occurring. By taking these energies into account, we can either embrace them or take more time with ourselves to make sure we ride them smoothly (or as smooth as we can, Scorpio to Sagittarius can be a bit rough). 

When you combine a Cusp Day and a Power, you just have to hold onto the energy for dear life! (Throw in some Void of Course‘s and watch the world go sideways while you sip tea at the sidelines).

Handling the Energy

As we roll on through the Waning Cycle, Power Days and Cusp Days are rolling with us (to find out when, get the first copy of 13 Degrees!).

What should you do?

  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the energy signature that is coming. 
  • Make a plan for how you will deal with the energy.
  • Practice radical self-care so that you are in touch with your own emotional connection to the energy and can feel the shifts.
  • Be prepared (that motto works for a lot of things)! Take a moment to plan rituals, meditations, circle, etc. on favorable days and to do nothing on unfavorable days.
  • Subscribe to 13 Degrees to know when it is all going down!

Go forward with courage!

Dr. Sacheen