Black Moon Rising/New Moon in Libra

Welcome to the beginning of the next lunar cycle! For all the talk of this lovely Black Moon, what it heralds is the natural, orderly turning of the cosmos. It is kind of nice wen things just tick along as planned. However, that does not mean a 2nd New Moon in a month does not bring some special energy with! I mean, it does occur only every 32 months or so. To read more about that, check out the Farmer’s Almanac. 

So, what is that special energy? Well, hello there Libra, nice to see you again…

So Many Endings…

If you have been keeping score this year, 2016 has been the year of ending things. The record number of eclipses, retrogrades and lunar happenings all speak to transitioning to the end of a path and looking ahead to what is coming next. This New Moon is not any different. The New Moon often represents the planting of a seed, and the darkness that seed experiences before it begins to bloom.

To have two New Moon’s in one month signifies a very powerful blossoming process and one that has probably been in the works for some time.

Couple that with the increase in feminine energy and the influence of Libra (actually the Virgo/Libra so we are currently void of course if you are reading this on the 29th) and you begin to get the idea that intuition is on a serious upswing and our inner wisdom is not gently knocking anymore; it is kicking the door down to get our attention. 

Enter Lilith…


Your Lilith is calling. The Black New Moon is connected to many Goddesses, and it is particularly linked to the hypnotic and magnificent Goddess Lilith (The Astrological Lilith for the non-mythological types). Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power.

She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled.

Although Lilith has often been depicted as a demon with dark traits, this is not a true representation and she was only turned away from paradise, according to Hebrew legends, as she stood firm in her belief in equality, refusing to be submissive and offer her body as a sexual gift to Adam solely for his pleasure. Read more here about that connection. 

The significance of this New Moon and Lilith’s association with it is that she is fiercely independent, decisive, determined and she does not suffer fools.

Lilith’s energy is here to support us as we gracefully say goodbye to anyone or anything that wasn’t meant for us and we release the pain and tension gained from attempting to hold on for far too long.

The main impact that Lilith will have on us during these next few days is within our relationships as she harmonizes and helps us to bring them into balance, assisting us with sieving out any that have consistently been pulling as under. This gives us the space to create, or to focus our undivided attention on, nourishing intimate soul-to-soul harmonious connections that bring with them the highest levels of bonding, trust, closeness and togetherness, as they are immersed in unconditional love while being entirely devoid of illusions and co-dependence.

Want to understand these impacts on your relationships at a more personal level? Check into the Life Mandala Intensive (open now for October clients. 7 spots available).

On to the forecast

Symbols of the cycle: Hydra, Horn of Plenty, Leopard

Characteristics: As with all New Moon cycles, it is time to be generous with ourselves and others. As we move into the energy, there will be a rising of struggle. We may need to defend our beliefs from others and fight for our own best interest. We will need to be aware of the doubleness of meanings and relationships. There will be good and bad interpretations and we will have to trust our instincts more than ever. Good time for taking on new business and starting new actions. We will need to make some tough choices.

Recommendations: Give to yourself and to others as freely as you feel inclined. Make healthy use of bio-energies. A good time for action and being active but think twice before taking those actions. Take care to spend some time with self so you are not depleted by others.

Precautions: Avoid anger as much as possible though you will be tested a time or two. Save important business for the 2nd day on in the cycle. Passivity is the enemy as is not thinking through decisions. Trust your instinct above all else. 

Breathe in soulies, the Night is awesome!

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