The New Zodiac

NASA is messing with us! They are but not in the way the media has been spinning it. The story released by NASA is not new news. The 13th House has been known for a while. NASA is not concerned with whether or not we are born under any particular sign because they do not do astrology. For more on what they said, check out this article at Refinery 29.

What is most important about the news is the 13th House. For those of us who follow astrology, what can this mean for how we conduct our astrological affairs? Let’s learn a little about this “new” zodiac: Ophiuchus. 


Nov 30 – Dec 10

According to legend, the Serpent Bearer constellation had two planets—one covered in fiery molten lava and the other consisting of a large swamp.

Ophiuchans built their short-lived civilization on the marshy world, where they slept in huts and spent most of their time exploring the wilderness and developing remedies for ailments, which they exported to all the Houses.

I am still learning about this 13th House as there is not a lot known about it but I am excited about the every expanding cosmos and what it can mean for our journey through our lives.

To learn more about Ophiuchus, check out this in-depth article at 13 Sign Astrology.

In light!

Dr. Sacheen