New Moon in Virgo(1)

New Moon in Virgo/Solar Fire

If you get a chance to go outside, look to the partial solar eclipse that accompanies this New Moon in Virgo. Solar Fire is afoot! For those who want to see:

Los Angeles   September 1 – 2:03 am
New York      September 1 – 5:03 am
London         September 1 – 10:03 am
Delhi            September 1 – 2:33 pm
Sydney        September 1 – 7:03 pm

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It may be hard to see but the cosmos is putting on quite the show right now. Let’s recap just this cycles events: a new Moon, in the house of Virgo, with a partial solar eclipse and Mercury (along with some lesser giants) has gone retrograde again. Soulies, if you are wondering why things are topsy-turvy look no further than upward.
So, what does it all mean?

Endings and Beginnings (with Attitude)

First up: New Moon

The cycle always represents change and closure. It is time to wrap up the things that have been in wheelhouse since the Full Moon. It is always a time of angst and a bit of challenge with the energy moving us along a path we may have been lingering in to long. It is a time to sit with the Shadow and listen. It is also a time to get off our butts and act as soon as the energy shifts (usually in the 2nd day of the cycle).
Next: Virgo – The Virgin
For this New Moon to be in Virgo is a blessing as Virgo eases us through what can be a hellish transition. Heralding softness, light and love during the darkness, Virgo invites us to see the Shadow as a gentle teacher and not as a fierce enemy. Virgo reminds us that the Shadow is a part of our self so loving it seems more useful than hating it.
Next: The Eclipse
Like water thrown on a fire, an eclipse always amplifies and transmutes what we are going through. No matter what influences are playing chess with us, an eclipse adds an interesting element that we have to reconcile. In this cycle of the New Moon in Virgo, the eclipse is amplifying all the possible things that await us: love, money, new jobs, etc. It makes us feel all things are possible which they are but they, also, are not. Why? Just because something is possible does not mean it will work out.
Finally: Mercury (Retrograde)
Again we are going to spend some time (until Sep 21) with Mercury moving backwards. This will influence our perception and interpretation of events. For all the goodness, love and light Virgo offers, Mercury is offering us a critical eye (again) on our dreams and goals. It invites us to get clear on what we are asking for and make sure it is really what we want.
With all that, on to the forecast!


Symbols of the cycle: Hydra, Horn of Plenty, Leopard

Characteristics: As with all New Moon cycles, it is time to be generous with ourselves and others. As we move into the energy, there will be a rising of struggle. We may need to defend our beliefs from others and fight for our own best interest. We will need to be aware of the doubleness of meanings and relationships. There will be good and bad interpretations and we will have to trust our instincts more than ever. Good time for taking on new business and starting new actions. We will need to make some tough choices.

Recommendations: Give to yourself and to others as freely as you feel inclined. Make healthy use of bio-energies. A good time for action and being active but think twice before taking those actions. Take care to spend some time with self so you are not depleted by others.

Precautions: Avoid anger as much as possible though you will be tested a time or two. Save important business for the 2nd day on in the cycle. Passivity is the enemy as is not thinking through decisions. Trust your instinct above all else. 

 Energy, Energy, Everywhere!

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