What’s Up With Your Glass?

The glass is half full.

The glass is half empty.

There is no glass.

It’s all about how you view the glass.

This post is not about the glass.

This is a post about feeling as though we should have all the answers when life sucks and that we are not meditating, focusing, manifesting, loving, etc. enough or we would not feel this way.

When Being Here Sucks

Sometimes being in the moment sucks. There is simply no way to get around it. Not every moment is hearts, flowers and rainbows. Some times we have to wait for the hearts, flowers and rainbows. Sometimes we have to wait for the storms to pass before we can start again.

Waiting sucks.

Waiting when people around you make you feel guilty for not being happy in the storm REALLY sucks.

There are any number of really great sayings that can help us through the sucky times but they don’t (and should not) negate the fact that the moment sucks. Because the moment is supposed to suck. When we are in the storm that spirals into a dark night of the soul, it should suck. You are not required to make it not suck.

You are not required to be happy about it.

You are not required to get over it.

You are not required to fix it with another manifestation or mantra or affirmation.

You only required to find yourself some shelter, grab a flashlight and ride out the storm.

When I was ending my marriage, it sucked for a long time. It took a while to get through the storm and no amount of pithy sayings or well-meaning quotes sent my way made it not suck. Some times all I had for light was a pinpoint from a flashlight that illuminated only the next step. That really sucked. Uncertainty is not my friend.

Let’s face it, when life sucks we all want to run to the light. We want to run as far away from the darkness as possible with the hopes that we can outrun any damage that we fear. We can’t but we can minimize that damage by sitting, waiting, and, when the time comes, acting.

When We Get There

We get through the storms.

We get through the dark nights of the soul.

We peek out of out the shelter and realize that there is a rainbow (or the moon or the sun) in the sky. Finally.

Life does not suck as much anymore.

We don’t think we suck as much anymore.

We pick up our affirmations, manifestations, and mantras; dust them off and examine if they are still working for us.

Hopefully, we smell the clear, rain washed air and feel some clarity in our souls and hear the call to act on what we learned during the storm.

We are ready to face whatever sucked if we took the time to sit in the darkness and give our soul a chance to be ready to enter the light again.

If we don’t give ourselves the space to inhabit the dark then we cannot give ourselves permission to live in the light.

And enter the light we do. We move. We act. We embrace. We bring clarity to our path and purpose. We do all that we can to make the time we spend in the dark times, the sucky times, meaningful and relevant.

We give ourselves permission to live in the light, roll out our meditations, create new affirmations, embrace words of hope. And, armed with perspective and a bit of grace for having survived another round of darkness, we take the next step.

The Next Step

What is your next step? Are you sitting in a sucky moment? Are you in a dark moment with your souls path?

In my 3-week intensive Life Mandala, I work with you to find out what needs to happen next. Why the darkness is present and/or what about the moment sucks.

I help you find the clarity your soul is asking you to use. I help you find the next step along the path.

In 3 weeks we will:

  • Chart your souls journey at the current moment.
  • Pinpoint the areas needing immediate attention
  • Create a road map to getting the change you want

I work with you and for you but I cannot do it without you. If you are ready; I am waiting.