What Color Is Your Life?

 I am writing from my hotel room in Big Sky country (Montana for those who don’t live in the USA) and the expanse of sky and mountains takes my breath away. Again.

I made this journey almost 6 years ago going West towards a new home and new life. Now, I am making the reverse journey for the exact same reason: a new home and a new life. But, also, something else.


I am making this journey because it is time. You see, my life has always had this peculiar sense of timing about it and it was always different from people around me. I marched to a rhythm that was my own and when I bucked it (got married the first time at 24 even when the Universe was screaming at me that it wasn’t time) it usually led me to a place I did not want to go.

Yes, there is a lesson in all paths but all paths don’t lead to the same lesson.

And that is what is inspiring me to write today. I was going to take a hiatus and think about this blog for a week. Decide where it was going and what it was doing. Give myself permission to take some time off from all the work that I do. 

I lasted 3 days. Why? Well, it was time. Time to check back in and time to keep moving forward. Time to walk this path that I have been called to regardless of where it leads. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way: the best path is not the easy one; it is the one that feels right.

As the beauty of the Pacific Northwest bleeds into the splendor of the Great Plains, the colors keep morphing and moving me forward. It’s the colors that really told me it was time. Time to re-engage. Time to be unafraid. Time to live.

You see, I am of the mind that the reason people are diving into adult coloring books right now is because they are looking for that feeling of time. Looking for a way to tap into their sense of the Universe. Looking for clues to who they are, are becoming and want to be. And wanting to know: is it time for me?

The answer is YES.

It is time for you. It is time for it. It is time for everything. Time is not running out on anything. There is always enough time but we have to start. 

For the month of July, I am opening up 4 client spaces in Life Mandala. Join me if you feel that life is off the coloring book page and out in the world. If you feel that you are reading the Universal signs but need help interpreting them. If are ready to engage but are afraid of the next step.

Let me take your hand. Let me light a path. 

Let’s color a new life,

Dr. Sacheen

*A stop on my journey.

Sunset in Idaho