Full Moon in SagittariusStrawberry Moon/Summer Solstice

Heat. Light. Warmth. Passion. Drive. Purpose. Summer sings all these songs and more as the days lengthen and the heat rises. It is a time of year to bare a little skin, move a little slower, linger a little longer at the things that give us pleasure. Summer Solstice. Welcome the Light.

This is an auspicious occasion of the Strawberry Moon (a full moon on the longest day of the year) and here in the Pacific Northwest we have the longest amount of daylight today. I have been observing the moon, the sun and the blue sky for about 30 minutes now and that has been a soul-stirring sight. I use this energy for planning my year. For more information on how to do that, go here.

The theme of this time is completion. We are in the last degree of Sagittarius and now all that we began at the last Full Moon in Sagittarius is ready to be completed. We road the raw energy of Gemini through the New Moon to get to this point so let’s take a moment and breathe it in. Now, time to notice what you have been struggling with that needs some resolution. Time to think about answering your questions in a new way and bringing closure to lingering issues that have been a deterrent to your growth.

While this cycle might have driven some of us a little crazy, there is a method in the craziness. The arc of Sagittarius has been calling us to shake up our own complacency by riding the wave. We had to learn how to surf this cycle and that has some healing ramifications for our lives and how we choose to live it.

I hope you get the opportunity to see this Strawberry Moon/Summer Solstice sky before night falls. It is a magical day indeed.

Symbols of the cycle: Dove, Ringing Bell, Ice

Characteristics of the cycle: Our reality is a reflection of our inner world. If you see peace, calmness and harmony it is because that is who you are. Time of celebration and transformative energy.

Recommendations: This is a time of completion and the end of testing so try to maintain a sense of calm and balance as you face some hard truths and decisions. Moderation at the beginning of the cycle gives you celebration and the ability to cultivate inner freedom and a sense of joy. Time to develop an objective view of the world and yourself to get rid of the things that came up. 

Precautions: Passivity is not a good thing right now. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the energetic transformation. Take care of your health and your psyche with intense self-care and avoid the habits that lead to depression and despondency.


Enjoy the light my friends!

Dr. Sacheen

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