Full Moon in Sagittarius



Full Moon in Sagittarius (Blue Moon)

The beginning of this cycle is a bit hard. The message of the Full Moon is usually to start new business and look to complete the work begun under the New Moon but this energy is different.


Have you been feeling like you are taking one step forward and two steps back? Have you been battling feelings of frustration? Agitation? Feeling like the Universal energy conspiring against you? Well, welcome to the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the first of 2 times the Full Moon will fall in the same astrological house this year. As such it is the beginning of a cycle and not the end of one.


The message of this cycle may be that it is time to surrender and let the Universe show you a new way. Perhaps all is going awry because you are not listening to what you need to do to be successful. This is not about abandoning your dreams, goal, purpose but about being open to a new path.

Don’t lose faith. This is an exciting cycle but it is one that will teach us to go with the Flow.


Symbols of the cycle: Snake, Butterfly, Stairway

Characteristics: Experience and testing, harmony and balance, rest, and moderation in all things.

Recommendations: Practicing self-control and being careful is prudent. Use the energy to find balance and peacefulness. Physical activity is highly desirable during this cycle. Passivity will breed anxiety and angst. Postpone major decisions until the heavy energy begins to ease.

Precautions: This cycle is crazy! Avoid stress as much as possible. Arguments and temptations are not going to be useful or productive. A sense of calm and balance is needed and getting into screaming matches will disturb that for you and everyone around you.

Enjoy The Ride!

With Hope,

Dr. Sacheen

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