New Moon_Pink Moon(2)

The Full Moon in Scorpio (Libra)*/Pink Moon

Here we are again! The new moon cycle has reached its zenith and we have the beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio (Libra) shining down on us for the next few days. The Iroquois called this moon the Pink Moon as it was during this time of year that wild ground phlox (moss pink) bloomed and the real warmth of Spring permeated deep into the Earth.

This years’ Pink Moon is coming to us during an extraordinarily active cosmos. During the course of a few weeks, 5 of the heavenly bodies will be in retrograde status as of April 28. This has not happened for 10 years so it will be a thrilling time.

Wait, thrilling?!? Yep. Thrilling.

Retrogrades are, like any event, what we make of them. Yes, the energetic pull can wreak havoc but it is about what WE are doing with that energy that can tip the scales for or against our endeavors.

As we sit under the Pink Moon, Mars, Pluto, Saturn Jupiter are in retrograde. Mercury pops in next week. Though these influences can be strong, it is the House that is going to make this Full Moon a bit of a wild ride.

The House of Scorpio

Scorpio. That alone can send shivers.  Throw in a dash of Mars and we are talking some soul, psyche, deep healing vibes during this Full Moon.

*For clarification, I am going to talk about tropical astrology (Scorpio) though I tend to lean more towards sidereel in my own personal journey (Libra) hence why I am calling it the Full Moon in Scorpio (Libra).

But what does this mean for our journey around the Sun? Let’s get to the forecast.

The those with Scorpio on their chart, this House’s energy is about deep emotions and is keyed to death and rebirth. The influence of Mars makes this period under the full moon pregnant with possibilities as we are evolving in many new directions at one time but also full of aggressive energy that can cause us to fight against change even as we go through it.

Brace yourself. It IS all good and it WILL be all good.

Symbols of the cycle: Stairway, Dove, Bell Ring

Characteristics of the cycle: Harmony, balance, moderation, inner freedom, joy and ecstasy with a growing transformational energy building. This energy is in flux and can make us feel unstable and the influence may compel us to outbursts and/or actions that are aggressive.

Recommendations: Build harmony through physical and mental endeavors. Practice moderation in all things as the energy works to change and reform your inner and outer life. Incorporate expressions of joy and freedom into this cycle and engage with others mentally and physically to bring more joy and expressions of joy into the world.

Precautions: Be cautious of taking offers or making promises. Try not to lose balance. A lot is going on and it is easy to devolve into anger, aggression, negative thoughts and actions. If calm is shattered, pull within instead of lashing out.

The Next Cycle

Catching the fire of Mars as the Moon begins a New Lunar Cycle can be overwhelming and frustrating. A way to harness some direction is through a Soul-Path Session.

A single or multiple area session can help put this energy into perspective and offer insight an directions for possible transformation.

Enjoy the light!

Dr. Sacheen