Paschal Full Moon(1)



A Moon By Any Name…

Look at that beauty! The first full moon of Spring comes with the added bonus of the Penumbral Eclipse (hard to see but still an added bonus). This Moon goes by several names depending in association:

The Full Worm Moon – So named for the earthworms that appear as the grown begins to thaw.

The Full Sap Moon – Signalling the time for tapping of the maple trees for that lovely nectar, maple syrup!

The Full Crow Moon – When the crows begin to sing the end of winter.

And my favorite, Paschal Full Moon – The First Full Moon of Spring.

There are several others and, if you want more Moon trivia, visit Earthsky.


This Full Moon marks a time of profound awakening. Spring is the turn of the Wheel where put our (proverbial) baby shoots in the ground with the hopes of a bountiful Fall harvest.

Knowing that we have entered planting season, it is important to take stock of what is awakening in us that needs to be tended, what needs to be weeded out and what we are missing. This Full Moon in Libra asks us to engage in some serious soul-searching. We must be aware of the balance our dark and light energies in order to have the results we seek (remeber, Libra is the sign of the scales).

Take the energy present today and assess where you want to be when Fall rolls around. What do you want in your harvest?

Symbols of the Day: Snake, Jackal, Dove, Butterfly

Characteristics: A day of both dark and light. Full of temptation and testing on one side and harmony and calm on the other.

Recommendations: Self-control, carefulness and discipline should be tempered with moderation and harmony. Gentleness with our self, our bodies and others is important. In other words, cut yourself and others some slack, this is a time of ebb and flow. Keeping our energy flowing is important to maintaining balance in body and spirit.

Cautions: Not a good day to be lazy and negative! Avoid stress and stressful people. Being calm and in balance is important so avoid negative thoughts, aggression, anger, hate and jealousy if possible. What we put out comes back amplified though not as strong with the Eclipse shielding us.

Planting Good Seeds

During this Full Moon (first of Spring!) is the perfect time to assess what we want to do to make our lives better in the future. Getting good seeds for the harvest sometimes requires clarity and focus.

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