Vernal Equinox_ Spring




Vernal Equinox (Equal Day and Night)

This week brings some amazing movement in the skies! We are graced with the first day of Spring (March 20, 04:30 UTC), a Full Moon and a Penumbral Eclipse (both occurring on March 23). This post won’t cover them all so stay tuned this week for more updates.

Let’s kick of the festivities with the day we have all been waiting for here in the Western Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox. As days go, this is a lovely one temporally and astrologically. This Equinox is the earliest since 1896 and is the first point in the year when there is (approximately) equal day and equal night. As the day passes, sunrise gets earlier and sunset gets later as we march towards Summer. To learn more about the temporal aspects of this Eclipse visit EarthSky.

Astrologically, this is a beautiful day in the Lunar cycle for the celebration of Spring.

Symbols of the Day: Heart, Holy Grail

Characteristics: A day for compassion, charity, humility, use of intuition and revelation. This is a day where the connection to whatever Universal flow we connect with is amplified. This is a great day to practice acts of charity and giving to those who request our help.

Recommended actions: Give! Sharing is caring and this day was made for love (the most precious gift we can share). It is also a good day to tap into our intuition by spending some time alone with our thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc. Get outside if possible and really get some air into the lungs to get a healthy dose of the Spring air (even if still a little chilly).

Cautions: This is not a day to waste. The energy is palpable and fleeting as a new Spring bud. Use the time with wisdom. Avoid stress, anger and sadness as much as possible as that amplification of energy can cause us to feel these things even more so than normal.

This day the Moon is in Leo. If you are born with this Rising sign, you may feel compelled to act as the energy expands. Good time to celebrate and you will feel like you can accomplish anything as the moon makes its way through this house.

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Enjoy the light!

Dr. Sacheen