There have been a lot of questions about the energy flow since March roared in this year. Normal energy cycles (good and bad) seem to be amplified and for many people there is a tugging at the edges of their consciousness to make some shifts or changes. It feels like we are being forced from complacency to action right now.

This is the gift of a full solar eclipse and it is strong. The alignment of the Sun and Moon, which is heading towards new, is burning through old patterns, scripts and relationships and telling us to make room for something new. In fact, for the hyper-sensitive, the past few days have probably felt especially challenging as the pull of the Eclipse is like a wave we cannot stop and it just keeps coming (there are two eclipses this month alone so hang on for the ride!).

The alignment of Earth, Sun and Moon is like a giant radio antenna sending out a signal we would be foolish to ignore.

Time To Change Our Stories

So, what does it mean to have the Solar Eclipse mirroring the New Moon in Pisces this March? Here’s the forecast for these next few pivotal days:

Symbols: Hydra, Golden Swan (not common so very important), Horn of Plenty

Characteristics: This three day cycle (last day of lunar cycle into the 2nd day of the new cycle) is special with the addition of the Solar Eclipse.

  • Day one – March 7/8 begins with very heavy energy which makes sense since we are moving in Pisces/Water Sign. The ocean tides are strongest and so are the pulls at our consciousness. It’s a day of temptation and test where we are prone to get drained by psychic and emotional vampires. This is the time for completing what we began at the Full Moon but avoid empty contacts and new, major plans.
  • Day two – March 8/9 moves us further into the New Moon but something magical is brewing. This is a day of harmony, humility and love. We are still in the complete everything we have started mode but we are moving with more lightness. This is a good day to enjoy the little things and cleanse the home and body.
  • Day three – March 9 – Let’s get started. This is the time to make those new plans to start new, big actions or new routines.  A day for generosity and giving and allowing others to give to you.

The Solar Eclipse asks us to pay close attention to endings and beginnings. As with all New Moons, this is a time to wrap things up BUT this is also a time to assess our relationships and determine where we might need to make deep, abiding changes. There is a reason the beginning energy is darker but gets lighter: we are in a transformation period.

Recommendations: Control of our thoughts, practicing restraint, moderation in all things. It is a time to avoid (or purge) ideas and things that bring us into dark, oppressive states. As we move into the eclipse and the subsequent days, get plenty of rest and cleanse home, mind and body (preferably with water rituals as we are moving through Pisces). Reaffirm commitments to your positive life and try to enjoy the journey and the small, positive steps along the way.

Transformation options: This is a great time to get some clarity on where you might need to clean out your metaphysical, or physical, life. Visit Soul-Path Services and see how I can help you get clear as the Sun and Moon go dark.

Enjoy the night!

Dr. Sacheen