Misery Is Easy

This is a touchy subject but it is time to tackle this hard reality:

It is the easiest thing in the world to be miserable.

Misery lets us check out physically and emotionally of our life.

Misery requires that we don’t have¬†faith in anything (most especially ourselves).

Misery encourages us to simply accept life the way it is.

Misery is easy.

Wait a minute! What! Dr. Sacheen that is not true. Misery is awful and painful and debilitating. Misery is soul-sucking and fatigue-inducing. Misery is NOT easy. Misery makes life very, very HARD!

I agree that misery does all of those things to a life. And all of those things are particularly unpleasant but

Misery is not a thing that happens to you, it’s a state of being. (Tweetable)


The State of Being Miserable

What does this mean? Let’s unpack the state of being in misery.

Like any other state of emotion (happiness/sadness, love/hate), misery comes when we make the choice to be bitter, unhappy, and stagnant. It is the culmination of dreams deferred, forgotten, ignored or destroyed. Usually, our own.

Misery is the realization that the life you are living is not the one you would have chosen for yourself. It is usually accompanied by those less-than-wonderful allies: despair and disease.

Misery comes from investing in the identity others want for us instead of taking time to build and invest in our Unique self.

You are investing in someone else’s version of you if:

  • You are afraid to speak your truth to people in your life.
  • You know you are living someone else’s dream
  • You know you are living in someone else’s nightmare
  • Your vision of life would require the dismantling of your current circumstances
  • You are not sure what your Self actually wants.

Notice that this is about you. The reasons why we stay in a state of misery has nothing to do with other people (unless you are a child who is to young to have any control over your life). It has everything to do with us and what we are afraid of.

Fear of being alone.

Fear of losing love.

Fear of missing out.

Fear of being alone.


Moving Away From Misery

Alright, how do we change our state of being?

First, you have to tell the truth if only to you. Who are you? What is your purpose? What are your circumstances? Whose life are you living? What role are you playing? What needs to change? What can you do to change it?

Second, you have to find a moment every day and in whatever way possible to tell that truth out loud. The sound of our voices brings power to our words. Even if you have to say it in a whisper, say it out loud. Write it where you can see it. Sing it in a song. Your truth must come out of you and into the world.

Third, you have to make a choice. Misery or happiness? In whatever circumstance life finds us in, we have to decide to be miserable or happy. Misery breeds misery. Happiness breeds happiness.

Finally, you have to do the work. In order to change our state, we must change our story. In order to change our story, we have to know our story. A flawed story got us into misery. Changing that story is the key to getting out of misery.

This Is Not An Easy Task

Misery can become the familiar pair of jeans that we love to put on to keep us comfortable and makes us feel safe.

It it time to get a new pair of jeans. Take the 4 steps above and start unraveling misery.

Do You Want Help?

If you are not sure where to begin, I have a service that will help. A Soul-Path reading can help illuminate why the story you are living is a path of misery and not a path of happiness.

It can also empower you to change that reality.

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In love and hope,

Dr. Sacheen