Full moon in Leo_Gemini

Welcome to the Full Moon!

We have hit the mid point in the lunar cycle that began with the New Moon in Capricorn and I hope the first half has been a wonderful experience.

Today is  associated with the Pipe and the Trumpet and here are the characteristics of this time:

Overall Characteristics

Good day for beginning of important business, things we begin today will be successful. A day of taking responsibility for our actions, practicing discipline and taking care of necessary tasks (duties).

Recommendations: Use this day (and the next few days of the Full Moon cycle) for new business deals and agreements, new long-term ventures, founding new companies and/or starting new partnerships.

Working with sacred texts is very favorable as is looking to many sources of information and engaging the third eye.

Working out is also a good idea today. Strenuous activity in both work and play will yield favorable results.

Precautions: Avoid negative thinking! Try to avoid falling into sadness and sorrow today as it can be amplified. Take care of your vision (both physical and spiritual) and stay hydrated. Lack of liquid is terrible for creative endeavors.

Enjoy the Light!

This is a favorable day even if the sky will prevent you from seeing the moon. Whether you are snowed in or can get out and about, this is a day for action and not passivity. Creativity is heightened and goals set can be reached. Move your body and your mind and the results will be amazing.

Make the night your own and enjoy the light!

With hope,

Dr. Sacheen

Disclaimer: Forecasts are for informational purposes only. Please consult a licensed professional if you suffer from any malady.